Legal services

Incorporation of companies and opening company branches :

  • Opening branches of foreign companies and providing them with all the needed information and laws in English language.
  • Founding local companies of any legal form and renewing their documents.

Conclusion of commercial contracts, construction contracts and petroleum contracts:

  • To prepare, document, draft and review contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding, minutes of agreement and participation, usufruct and lease contracts, agencies, financial leasing contracts, speculation, usury and real estate contracts of all kinds.
  • To draft commercial contracts of a special and mixed nature, construction and oil contracts.
  • To carry out commitment tasks through the legal affairs department, and oversee and control contracting entities and companies.
  • To review and audit contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding and assignments related to the company.

Legal representation and attorneyship:

Representing our clients and their agents in all fields of their civil, commercial, financial, and other relationships and settling their disputes with each other or with others by pleading and litigation procedures before the courts at all levels with a team of the best lawyers and legal advisors, whether locally or internationally, knowing that they master Arabic and English languages and international laws.

International commercial arbitration and alternative modes:

Carrying out local and international commercial arbitration for companies and using alternative ways and means to resolve commercial and financial disputes.

Financial and commercial intermediation

    • Providing information technology services and financial and administrative systems that are appropriate to the activity and that achieve the required documentary cycle as well as imposing internal control. ERP systems are the following:

    Hotel systems

    Hospital systems

    Factory systems

    Commercial company systems

    Airline and freight systems

    • Designing websites for financial, administrative and marketing purposes, as well as designing smart phone applications.

managing and operating factories and institutions

We have managed many companies and institutions and we were able to help them in setting up modern management systems that reflected on them positively by achieving high profits thanks to our familiarity with the financial and administrative problems of similar activities, hence we were able to avoid mistakes and reduce waste in time, effort and money and to work out marketing plans and alternative plans that are set meticulously to achieve the success pursued by investors and partners.

Consulting and other services

Corporate restructuring and working out regulations and job description:

  • Working out organization chart.
  • Working out financial and administrative regulations.
  • Working out job description and classification.
  • Job description and job classification.
  • Working out financial systems and cost systems.
  • Working out documentary cycle.
  • Working out staffing
  • Training and qualifying personnel
  • Qualifying companies to obtain ISO certificates

Certified valuation:

We assess and value real estate, lands, factories and fixed assets belonging to public and private entities. This job is performed by a selection of the best experts approved by the Central Bank of Libya.

Collection of bad debts:

Through a wide network of relationships in the field, as well as preparation of collection plans and through a team of experts specialized in debt collection, we provide to our clients the service of collection of bad debts, which became difficult to collect.

Trade mark registration:

We perform and follow up the registration of intellectual property, patent, industrial designs and patterns, copyright and domains on the Internet and all matters relevant thereto, and provide them with legal protection upon the relevant authorities.

Commercial representation:

  • We represent companies willing to access the market and bidding, we obtain contracts for their favor, we contract on their behalf, and we meet their various requests in Libya.
  • We provide financial facilitations and commercial, administrative and financial intermediation for all service, industrial, commercial, productive, handicraft and insurance entities.

Economic and administrative studies and researches

Working out economic feasibility studies:

Our specialized work team, being accredited by the Association of Chartered Accountants and Auditors and accredited by the Central Bank of Libya and the Insurance Control Authority works out economic feasibility studies according to scientific and practical standards and foundations.

We also cooperate with international companies from outside Libya, which are leaders in this field, in order to obtain the greatest degree of accuracy, professionalism and forecast.

Economic projects assessment:

Assessing existing economic projects through survey and study processes, then evaluating mistakes and deviations and their causes, careful analysis, planning, and re-working out strategies, systems and alternative means to ensure the implementation, and then following up on the implementation of those plans and alternatives.

Marketing studies and researches:

We work out research on commodities and products, marketing studies and establishing marketing research centers at institutions to help them increase the sales that are reflected in the increase in annual profits.

We also work out studies on new goods and services in the market, which help companies in properly managing the marketing of these products.

Social security services

Social security services and representation upon social security department:

  • Working out and paying social security statements.
  • Representation in social security inspection process.
  • Representation upon social security department.
  • Representing the client before the court of first instance for social security litigations.
  • Representing the client before the Court of appealed social security litigations.

Tax services

Representation in taxation and tax litigations:

  • We audit tax declarations (corporate income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, and stamp and tax clearance).
  • Representing our clients in tax inspections.
  • Representation before reconciliation committee.
  • Representing the client before the court of first instance for tax litigations.
  • Representing the client before the Court of Appealed litigations.

Tax consulting services:

  • To provide tax counseling.
  • Counseling and planning corporate taxes.
  • Consultations on payroll tax, sales tax, stamp tax, social insurance and customs counseling.
  • Counseling on inspection reports and results and tax assessment.

Other tax services:

  • Submitting tax declarations.
  • Studies on tax exemption.
  • Working out payroll statements.
  • Receiving tax payment certificates.
  • Payment of sales taxes (stamp and clearance tax).

Financial services

Working out accounts:

We are one of the pioneer companies operating in the field of working out accounts in Libya. We employ 40 employees whom are professional certified accountants who practice the accounting works accurately, professionally and according to international standards and criterions.

Auditing of accounts by certified auditor:

Our partners and professionals are whether Libyan chartered accountants or chartered accountants from other countries who master both Arabic and English languages. A big number of the members of Libyan accountants and auditors association are employed in our company. Given that the law prohibits the employment of non-Libyan emigrants, we employed Libyan emigrants who are specialized in this field.

Our company provides its services to assist companies to comply with the law on corporate activity, stock market law, the law on investment promotion authority, the laws of the Central Bank of Libya, tax law which sets forth that all companies (whether incorporated or not) operating in Libya should work out their financial statements in accordance with the Libyan accounting standards and that their financial data should be audited by a certified accountant.

Auditing process management:

The globally advanced auditing methodology promotes and enhances the quality of auditing and are designed to fulfill the nationally and internationally applicable criterions. Therefore, we designed our system to help you understand the risks you may encounter in your business and how to deal with them. We keep you acquainted with the relevant financial reports and relevant legislative and technical changes and offer you proactive counseling. Our audit process uses core Microsoft tools that enable us to work online and offline.

This program assesses audit risks in different areas of work as it directs us to the major risk areas that should be carefully audited. It is our primary audit implementation program that enables us to achieve the audit as efficiently, quality and professionally as possible.

Advantages of this specially designed tool include:

  • it enhances pre-performance of high-quality and effective auditing.
  • It ensures compliance with international standards of auditing (ISAs).
  • It provides scalability in our audit approach and tool to suit all audits.