Legal services

Incorporation of companies and opening company branches :

  • Opening branches of foreign companies and providing them with all the needed information and laws in English language.
  • Founding local companies of any legal form and renewing their documents.

Conclusion of commercial contracts, construction contracts and petroleum contracts:

  • To prepare, document, draft and review contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding, minutes of agreement and participation, usufruct and lease contracts, agencies, financial leasing contracts, speculation, usury and real estate contracts of all kinds.
  • To draft commercial contracts of a special and mixed nature, construction and oil contracts.
  • To carry out commitment tasks through the legal affairs department, and oversee and control contracting entities and companies.
  • To review and audit contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding and assignments related to the company.

Legal representation and attorneyship:

Representing our clients and their agents in all fields of their civil, commercial, financial, and other relationships and settling their disputes with each other or with others by pleading and litigation procedures before the courts at all levels with a team of the best lawyers and legal advisors, whether locally or internationally, knowing that they master Arabic and English languages and international laws.

International commercial arbitration and alternative modes:

Carrying out local and international commercial arbitration for companies and using alternative ways and means to resolve commercial and financial disputes.