Tax services

Representation in taxation and tax litigations:

  • We audit tax declarations (corporate income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, and stamp and tax clearance).
  • Representing our clients in tax inspections.
  • Representation before reconciliation committee.
  • Representing the client before the court of first instance for tax litigations.
  • Representing the client before the Court of Appealed litigations.

Tax consulting services:

  • To provide tax counseling.
  • Counseling and planning corporate taxes.
  • Consultations on payroll tax, sales tax, stamp tax, social insurance and customs counseling.
  • Counseling on inspection reports and results and tax assessment.

Other tax services:

  • Submitting tax declarations.
  • Studies on tax exemption.
  • Working out payroll statements.
  • Receiving tax payment certificates.
  • Payment of sales taxes (stamp and clearance tax).