Consulting and other services

Corporate restructuring and working out regulations and job description:

  • Working out organization chart.
  • Working out financial and administrative regulations.
  • Working out job description and classification.
  • Job description and job classification.
  • Working out financial systems and cost systems.
  • Working out documentary cycle.
  • Working out staffing
  • Training and qualifying personnel
  • Qualifying companies to obtain ISO certificates

Certified valuation:

We assess and value real estate, lands, factories and fixed assets belonging to public and private entities. This job is performed by a selection of the best experts approved by the Central Bank of Libya.

Collection of bad debts:

Through a wide network of relationships in the field, as well as preparation of collection plans and through a team of experts specialized in debt collection, we provide to our clients the service of collection of bad debts, which became difficult to collect.

Trade mark registration:

We perform and follow up the registration of intellectual property, patent, industrial designs and patterns, copyright and domains on the Internet and all matters relevant thereto, and provide them with legal protection upon the relevant authorities.

Commercial representation:

  • We represent companies willing to access the market and bidding, we obtain contracts for their favor, we contract on their behalf, and we meet their various requests in Libya.
  • We provide financial facilitations and commercial, administrative and financial intermediation for all service, industrial, commercial, productive, handicraft and insurance entities.