Processing industry

Our services in the financial industry consist in management and provision of capitals and assistance in procuring financing for projects after conducting project assessment, providing the best proposals and obtaining guarantees in addition to: –

  • Banking services and capital markets:

Regulatory reform, stricter capital requirements, risk management considerations, devastating technologies, a low interest rate environment and improved reporting requirements are all challenges to growth in banks and capital markets, and sophisticated strategies and solutions for financial institutions will be needed to gain the competition advantage.

Our professionals assist many of the largest banks and securities clearing corporation today in their most challenging cases in every sector of the financial industry (retail banking for consumers / individuals, commercial banking services and banking services for individuals, mortgage banking, securitization, capital markets, insurance, investment management, and real estate brokers / traders).

  • Insurance:

The insurance industry has undergone a fundamental transformation as it faces the impact of new regulation and new technology, accelerating shifts in consumer demand and increased competition from players in the face of many devastating challenges. It is important not to lose sight of the huge opportunities they create for insurance companies.

We can help acting in this complex and geopolitically increasingly complex and uncertain environment to achieve the most of these opportunities, we can help organizations look beyond the traditional boundaries of insurance business to embrace new ways of working, new ways of interacting with customers, and completely new possibilities in what their business can offer.